End of the Road
Hong Kong
Client客戶 Hong Kong Arts Centre
Year年份 2020

This unique experiential installation was brought back in Hong Kong after the artist’s participation in FALSE SPACES exchange exhibition in Japan. The experiential installation features a moving cinema chair that navigates the viewer along the track in a space full of video installations. End of the Road is the latest version of Solitary Cinema series by Ng Tsz-Kwan. The series has been exhibited in Hong Kong and Japan since 2018. The moving chair is the most important element in the series. Sitting on an automated driving installation, visitors will travel through different sets of installations, the views in front of the visitors change corresponding to the movement of the chair. Unlike the traditional way of seeing an exhibition that visitors usually take the initiative to perceive artworks, in Solitary Cinema series, visitors are assigned with specific viewing angles, distances and durations when sitting on the moving chair. Can the visitors rediscover the experience and possibility of cinema through the journey while the freedom of viewing is being restricted?