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Immersive Installation

Sharks: Australian Museum

Media Creativity & Production
AV Hardware
Technological Engineering Consultant


Australian Museum
Story Inc
Studio Cassells


Sydney, Australia



We recognized the importance of creating immersive experiences that engage and deeply impress visitors. Our technical expertise and creative vision combined to produce a 360-degree panoramic interactive exhibit for the Museum, guaranteed to amaze with sharks. Two motion-sensing screens in 6m x 4m projected 182 shark species we carefully animated in four ecosystems, transporting visitors into their underwater worlds. Visitors entered the realm of gracefully gliding shark silhouettes. Reaching out triggered facts and names floating from the sharks, captivating visitors with wonder. Working closely with scientists, we realistically animated each shark, providing an authentic experience. Silently gliding shark silhouettes filled the space with their grace and power, intriguing visitors with a glimpse of authenticity that left them wanting more – more shark facts, movement, insight into creatures that have lived alongside humanity since before memory. We designed the interactive experience to immerse visitors in the depths where sharks roam and reign, imparting life’s design and wonder with illuminating richness.

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