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Corporate Experiential Exhibition

SWIRE – Believe in Hong Kong

Media Creativity & Production


John Swire & Sons (HK)
Happy Blue Ocean


Hong Kong


2021 & 2022

yucolab has been commissioned to create interactive exhibits that delight and inspire visitors at the “Believe in Hong Kong” exhibition in 2021 and 2022. We’ve designed six visually stunning digital exhibits that bring Swire’s 150-year Hong Kong journey to life in an engaging and memorable way. Visitors enter a wonderland transformed by our vivid installations that showcase how Swire’s adventurous spirit shaped their initial success. One of the “Refining Industry” exhibit uses stunning light and sound to transport visitors back in time to Swire’s sugar refinery era. Besides, we’ve built a virtual tour capturing every exhibit in 360-degree photographs, giving more people the chance to join or re-experience this special showcase online. An augmented reality filter game on Instagram challenges audiences to match famous Hong Kong landmarks with memorable moments in Swire’s history. This commission allows Swire to showcase over a century of accomplishments in an interactive, imaginative manner that delights all ages. Our creative exhibits bring the brand story to life, capturing imaginations and reminding us of Hong Kong’s enduring entrepreneurial spirit.

Interactive Game
02 “Sail VS Steam”

03 Magic Mirror

04 TaiKoo Timelapse

Interactive Item
05 Matterport Virtual Gallery

Interactive Item
06 TaiKoo Photo Booth

Interactive Item
07 Instagram Filter

Shanghai Expo 2010 – Urbanian Pavilion
End of the Road
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