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Mixed Media Art Installation


Media Creativity & Production
Technological Engineering


Hong Kong Palace Museum


Hong Kong



The Hong Kong Palace Museum officially opened in July 2022. One of the opening exhibitions in Gallery 7 featured six Hong Kong-based multimedia interdisciplinary artists. They made efforts to create new works re-interpreting the art and culture of the Forbidden City from their unique perspective. Being one of the contributing artists, yucolab’s creative lead NG Tsz Kwan realized an art installation, “Objectification”, which will be displayed for a year.

“Objectification” is inspired by the rich heritage embedded in Chinese artifacts. The artist believes that the museum space and display have overshadowed the original interpretation of the artifact exhibits. Through this installation, which is filled with whitened ‘antiquities’, The artist hopes to re-establish a direct connection between audiences and objects. With interactive lighting effects, Ng invites the viewers to explore their readings of the Palace Museum collection when it is detached and disengaged from the historical context.

HK Museum of Art – Beyond the Frames
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