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Digital Art Exhibition

d’strict Remix & Digital Muse

Spatial Design
Media Creativity & Production


Art Promotion Office
Leisure & Cultural Services Department


Hong Kong



The new extension of the Oil Street Art Space (Oi!) is officially open to the public! Oi! is launching ten art projects, hoping to provide the neighbourhood with a recreational space with community art, and to become a cultural landmark in Hong Kong. Commissioned by APO as the Art-Tech Partner, yucolab engineered a gigantic LED block capable of showing specially designed 3D artwork. For more, one of the ten projects is a three-dimensional digital art exhibition “d’strict Remix” created by renowned Korean art group d’strict, showing anamorphic projection works of ocean waves and a massive blue whale moving freely in the sea. The exhibition provides a spectacular visual experience to visitors on an enormous L-shaped LED facility, connecting art and tech in a unique approach. Ng Tsz Kwan, creative lead of yucolab, also acts as Curator and one of the participating artists in the multimedia exhibition “Digital Muse”. With the theme of “mutation of ideas in the digital city”, Ng join hands with five Hong Kong artists to deliver their original creations, and aims to transform the Oi! Deck into an immersive three-dimensional space. The exhibition lasts for one year until March 2023.

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