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Heritage Digital Exhibition


Media Creativity & Production


Tai Kwun


Hong Kong



Tai Kwun x NG Tsz Kwan x Vvzela KOOK

“DigiRadiance” is a brand-new immersive experience presented by Tai Kwun, co-created by two local artists NG Tsz Kwan and Vvzela KOOK. With cutting-edge technology, this show brings the old Victoria Gaol to life and shares bits and pieces of the prison’s history with the visitor, starting from the original radial-plan of the architectural design. The panoramic projection in the space simulates the experience of imprisonment and, for more, its extended implication in societal discourse. Team yucolab took on the challenge of animating the 3D motion video of the architectural model to facilitate a thorough comprehension of the unique design of the Victoria Gaol.

About the Exhibition:
11am-7pm until 16 March 2023, F Hall Studio, Free Admission

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