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Commercial Show Suite


Spatial Design
Media Creativity & Production


Airport Authority Hong Kong


Hong Kong



In an imaginative and innovative spirit, yucolab conceptualized and realized the ‘SkyCity’ Show Suite for the Airport Authority Hong Kong. The purpose was to entice potential business tenants with a vision of SkyCity as a vibrant urban realm suspended amongst the clouds. Our scope of work included spatial designs that featured curvaceous structures and dramatic angles framing dimensional media installations. Our media-creative team conjured up vivid projections and digital artworks thematically inspired by flight, clouds and aerial views. We specified cutting-edge hardware to power interactive exhibitions and crafted intricate physical models to enrich the sensory experience. Bringing yucolab’s spatial-media vision to life demanded expertise across disciplines. Our designers, producers and fabricators collaborated closely to transform abstract ideas into an immersive showcase for potential tenants – leveraging mechanical engineering for kinetic elements, embedded lighting within curved surfaces, and bespoke fabrication techniques to realize the architectural forms. The end result – ‘SkyCity’ Show Suite – offers visitors a glimpse of SkyCity as a innovative urban habitat woven into the fabric of flight, where imagination meets reality and where businesses can thrive amongst the clouds.

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