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Art Installation

Magic Behind the Moon

Spatial Design
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Shenzhen Wanchang Real Estate Development


Shenzhen, China



Shenzhen “Ban Tian VANKE MALL” Show Suite is yucolab’s latest project, aiming to create a “journey to find oasis” where urban residents can feel the embrace of nature, evoke their inner longing for and expectation of oases, and thus pay attention to their home and sense Shenzhen. Based on the theme of “migrating people and migrating birds” coming to Shenzhen, a “migrant city”, the project, from the positioning of “nature has life”, has designed a lush display area with local plants and fresh greenery, allowing urban residents to feel the breath of nature. The entire “journey to find oasis” is officially led by Shenzhen’s star migratory bird, the black-faced spoonbill. An animated film, created by award-winning animators and directors from Hong Kong, boldly attempts a hand-drawn illustration style to present ecology and nature with warmth and fantasy. The display area adopts a simple and stable design style, balancing the technological texture of the stretched film ceiling with the warm texture of the marble, contrasting the acrylic material with the wood texture to create a natural and comfortable tone. The physical model area of the project, combined with the film, jointly interprets the specific content of the project.

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