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Mixed Media Performance

HKJC New Arts Power – Swim Walking

Creative Partner & Technical Director


HK Jockey Club Charities Trust


Hong Kong



A mountain seen as a mountain. A mountain seen as a non-mountain. A mountain utterly seen as a mountain.
(Three stages of seeing: understanding reality and illusion as one’s journey of intellectual enlightenment, a quote from Chinese Zen Buddhism in Song dynasty.)

Excursions to the urban space, yet your mind flows as free as swimming in the ocean.

A series of walking tours in five groups, each led by an artist, allow you to explore through different means the ‘mountains’ of our cityscape, rediscover the overlooked beauty lined between skyscrapers, old houses, sloping paths, long stairs and narrow lanes.

In order to visualize such beauty, one has to fully adopt the artists’ perspectives, follow their footsteps and way of thinking, and respond to their imagination…

Seria Energy Lab
Ban Tian VANKE Mall
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