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Developer’s Sales Office

Zhijiang Castalia Court

Spatial Design
Media Creativity & Production


Kerry Properties


Hangzhou, China



Kerry Properties’ Zhijiang ‘Castalia Court’ is a luxury residential development located at the famous resort area in Hangzhou, widely known for its stunning nature. The project show suite was far from ordinary as yucolab fashioned dramatic mechanics, artistic lighting effects and multimedia content to the same standard as those applied to a performance stage. In the main chamber, a multimedia show commenced with the branding video comprised of 3D architectural fly-through animations. The massive display screen automatically turned transparent as the video ended, revealing an exceptionally dramatic scene of a dazzling lotus floating in the air, over a glittering pond. The curtain-like screen rose slowly to unveil the mechanic show session, and the lotus gradually descended and opened, sinking into the pond. Finally, the official logo of ‘Castalia Court’ appeared on the screen, bringing a perfect ending to this multimedia show. yucolab was responsible for the interior design of the show flat, as well as the show suite itself.

Arts in Hospital: Our Times – Contagious Cities
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