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Arts in Hospital: Our Times – Contagious Cities

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Experiential Public Engagement

Arts in Hospital: Our Times – Contagious Cities

Media Creativity & Production


Art in Hospital


Hong Kong



2019 at the Oil Street Art Space (The Oi!), Art In Hospital (AIH) has organized a public programme “Out Time – Contagious Cities” to free the participants’ own imagination by designing their very own ‘virus!’ yucolab was invited as the Technical Partner for the event, enliven all the ‘virus’ via augmented reality tricks! The success of this event to our team is not merely about the number of participants, or the sleek technical arrangement didn’t go wrong. What matters to us is the very straightforward happiness of visitors derived from their art creation experience. We look forward to the next collaboration with AIH.

HK Museum of Art – City Rhyme: The Melodious Note of Calligraphy
Zhijiang Castalia Court
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