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Visual Storytelling & Animation

HK Palace Museum Opening Promotion

Media Creativity & Production


Hong Kong Palace Museum


Hong Kong



In July 2022, many momentous projects landed in our city. The grand opening of the Hong Kong Palace Museum would undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the year. yucolab is very grateful to be part of one of the contributors producing a series of promotional videos and animations for this significant moment. The video productions covered an intensive documentary of interviews with the museum Director, Curatorial Team and operation team; a promotional video for the opening; the production of a 3D-printed model of the museum for an in-depth video with amplification of the architectural design; and a series of full local-force created animations. Solely created by our team, we produced over 20 pieces of video from pre-production to shooting, final editing and add-on special computer effects.

Architectural Design Concept

HK International Film Festival 2022
Shanghai Expo 2010 – Urbanian Pavilion
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