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Mixed Media Performance

The Void. The Fulfilment. The Dream.

Creative Technologist


Lumieres Hong Kong


Hong Kong



In November 2017, “Lumieres Hong Kong” landed in the city for the very first time. yucolab act as Creative Technologist for one of the participating artist , realizing a rare, multimedia outdoor stage art at a local iconic monument: Man Mo Temple. Our mechanically engineered stage set, artistic lighting, and smoke effect perfectly marry up with the projection of the artist’s illustration and the performance. In order not to interrupt the Temple’s operation during opening hours, we take the challenge to rebuild and dismantle such complicated stage set and all involving system and equipment daily. The focus of the show falls on a self-rotating “Moon” which can be elevating or descending, controlled by our mechanical and programming design. The show goes on by following the change of the lunar moon, leading audience into an experiential artistic journey.

EMSD Exhibition Gallery Phase 2
HK International Film Festival 2022
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