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Developer’s Sales Office

Suzhou Center

CapitaLand’s ‘Suzhou Center’ was the group’s latest mixed-use development in the CBD, located in close proximity to the world famous ‘Gate of the Orient’. This skyscraper has broken six new records in China’s contemporary architectural industry. An exceptionally high standard of show suite was therefore inevitable. The main chamber, enhanced by the extraordinary over-6-meter high ceiling, encompassed advanced equipment, not unlike a stage for performance. To begin, a set of 15 UMU glass panels of various sizes hung in the air as screens to present multimedia content created by yucolab. These programmed screens turned transparent, and moved up and down, creating a multi-layered visual experience. Illuminated lines on the floor indicated the geographic location of the project and the surrounding facilities. During the show, a uniquely designed model rose up through the floor, adding great excitement to the presentation. Subsequently, a massive video wall made up of four gigantic LED displays simulated a panoramic view. By also layering media projections over a geometrically patterned installation on the ground, the audience became entirely surrounded by eye-catching visuals, further stimulating their senses. A multi-channel display was set up next to the architectural model, allowing yucolab’s animation to restate key features of the Suzhou Center to potential buyers.

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