Zoo As Metaphor (II)
Hong Kong
Client客戶 Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme | orleanlaiproject
Year年份 2018

A new edition of Zoo as Metaphor (2014), a performative exhibition previously set at Oi! (Oil Street Art Space), takes the “cabinet of curiosities” as its point of departure once again.

This time, the artists undertake another expedition in the more site-responsive environment of Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences, delivering another engaging and experiential journey for visitors. Moving on from the objects and collectables on display in the first edition, the new expedition focuses on PEOPLE, embarking on the “bizarre” in contemporary situations…

Travelling through rooms where different scenarios unfold, visitors will be encouraged to reflect on interactions between individuals and collectives, self and others. For sceptics and adherers to convention alike, the experiential journey will lead to contemplation of how we can construct identity through the eyes of others, or how we perceive people through pre-set ideas and values.