Breathe In ‧ Breathe Out
Hong Kong
Client客戶 Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre
Year年份 2019

A Journey to the Subconscious

“Breathe In. Breathe Out” is an interactive media artwork created by Ng Tsz-Kwan in response to the theme, ‘Curating the New’, of this year Hong Kong Muse Fest. Human instinct of breathing signifies the status of a body naturally. Spontaneously, our respiratory rate furnishes one’s lives with a natural rhythm. This rhythm eventually grows into a vigorous tempo of life. Through his artwork, Ng deftly immerses audiences in a journey to the subconscious, and the art of serenity.


Creativity with Exquisite Engineering

With the profound technological expertise, Ng led the yucolab team to create 60 pieces of inflatable wavebreaker in true scale for his artwork. These gigantic art pieces are jointly hanged right beneath the iconic glass vaulted roof of vA!. Each of them equipped with a compact, high-velocity fan programmed to blow up and deflate a wavebreaker gradually and continuously. All of the 60 art pieces inflate and collapse individually in a timely manner, resulting in a steady motion of ocean wave at a macro perspective.


The serene ambient is enhanced with subtle audio at the background, interlacing the sound of breathing and waves. Audiences inside vA! merely needs to relax, look up the ceiling, and submerge oneself into the fanciful coastline loaded full of wavebreakers; embrace every movement of the wave comes and goes steadily, just like receiving the natural rhythm of the body.


At day time, natural sunlight penetrates the artwork through the vault, cultivating an unobtrusive surrounding for a self-cognition course.  In the evening, exclusive lighting design and the artwork marries in perfect harmony, switching the aura to utmost tranquility. Thanks to the unique architecture of vA!, the installation glows tenderly at night through the glass rooftop, making it a highly visible artwork from the outside.


Breathing: The Special Programme of Contemplation

Two sessions of “Breathing” took place at vA! for the exhibition opening.  Venerable Chang Zhan of Dharma Drum Mountain joined hands with acclaimed choreographer and singing bowls performer to lead the participants for self-contemplation. Each of the session accommodates thirty-five guests who can engage in the programme with a wisely designed ‘personal space.’


Challenge at Setting Up

Ng and yucolab team undertook the challenge of setting up this artwork at height in a Grade I historic building. With tremendous support and trust from vA! and the Art Promotion Office, the artwork was installed precisely and launched on July 7, 2019. Details of the exhibition are as below:

Venue: Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

Date: July 7 – October 7, 2019 (Closed every Tuesdays)

Time: 10am-9pm (Except September 13, 2019 opens till 5pm)

Admission: Free


Artist Profile
Ng Tsz-kwan graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1997 with a Bachelor degree in Fine Art and earned his Masters at Central Saint Martins, UAL, in 2000. His practice is devoted to electronic and video art, and he has exhibited in London, Berlin, New York, Helsinki, Japan and Korea, in addition to numerous exhibitions in Hong Kong. He also maintains a design practice in which he applies interactive media design to the commercial and exhibition sectors, and explores the use of different media for integrated design solutions. He co-founded yucolab in 2006 when he partnered his interactive multi-media design company, N.T. Lab, with award-winning Hollywood-based creative design firm yU+co. In 2007, Perspective Magazine commended him as one of the 40 outstanding design professionals under the age of 40 in Greater China. He continues to lecture in multimedia, electronic arts and design-related departments of various universities and institutions in Hong Kong.