“Objects Lie on A Table” Land|Scape Performance
Hong Kong
Client客戶 Ng Tsz Kwan (Artist) | No Discipline Ltd.
Year年份 2021

Originated from Gertrude Stein’s notion of ‘landscape theatre’ in which visual, non-narrative and state of mind were highlighted in theatre poetics, this work is inspired by the writer’s lesser-known play Objects Lie on A Table. Simulated by objects that lay on a table, the setting progresses from still lifes to sceneries and cinematic constructions. From there, the journey will go forth to a boundless realm of rethinking painting, moving images, projection, stage, theatre and so on. This theatrical piece is premiered by two visual artists, in collaboration with celebrated choreographer Dick Wong who disputes the nature of dance; the idiosyncratic crossover is going to testify to an alternative state of performance. Also joined by internationally renowned composer and sound artist Mark Fell, together with prolific lighting designer Gabriel Fung, such trailblazing caravan looks forward to welcoming the audience into an unparallel multi-sensory melting pot.


[Creative / Production Team]

Creative Producer
Orlean Lai

Ivy Ma
Ng Tsz-kwan

Creative Performer
Dick Wong

Composer and Sound Artist
Mark Fell (UK)

Lighting Design
Gabriel Fung

Production Manager
Wingo Chan


Premiered at Hong Kong City Hall in June 2021

Curated & produced by
No Discipline Limited

Project Grant
HKSAR Government Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme

Technical Support


Photo by Carmen So