Circular Reflection
Hong Kong
Client客戶 Leisure and Cultural Services Department, orleanlaiproject
Year年份 2017

This rare thematic multimedia public art piece celebrates the re-opening of the Art Square.  “The Grand Spectacle” is a set of 9 pieces, sizable circular installations ranging from 2 to 3 meters in diameter.  Each set of 3 pieces is equipped with a reactive camera and LED display: when a visitor stays in front of the LED display, the reactive camera film and live-stream the video instantly on the respective display.  The longer the visitor stays, the clearer the imageries show.  yucolab build the installation; customize the equipment system, plus designing the backend computer programming.  We also offer technical advice all through the entire production to ensure the stability and durability of the system against all possible weather impacts during the two-month exhibition period.  Besides, “The Dual Perspective” provides the visitor with a VR goggle outfitted in an ultramodern helmet.  We master from panoramic video filming and editing to VR programming.