18 September 17


“72 Hours” Multimedia Art Installation

A Marathon Art Project to Retrace Memories of HK

In July 2017, Hong Kong artist Amy Cheung enacted a durational art project by blindfolded oneself for 72 hours through the 20th anniversary of the Sino-British Handover. She invited a group of individuals from all walks of life to share their memories and reflections about Hong Kong with her. Each participant brought the blindfolded artist to a location, where they would share their unique story and thoughts within one-hour time. The artist wore a special outfit affixed with 72 cameras to document the project.

yU+co.[lab}, followed through the project as Creative Technologist, designed the system on the artist outfit to collect a vast amount of narratives content. “72 Hours” was later showcased in Hong Kong in the form of a multimedia art piece, supported also by the [lab} in designing the exhibit’s display and technical implementation.