26 January 18


“Circular Reflection” Multimedia Participatory Art Installation + VR Installation

Officially landed Art Square of Salisbury Garden by the Victoria Dockside

Art Square of Salisbury Garden, under Hong Kong Art Museum, was re-opened officially on the 8th December, 2017. “Circular Reflection”, engineered by yU+co.[lab}, is a series of multimedia participatory art installation and VR installation to complement the re-opening. Being the project’s Creative Technologist, the [lab} teamed up once again with local artist Hung Keung in creating this thematic art work.

To realize this sizeable, outdoor public art piece equipped with multimedia elements, the [lab} took up the challenge on the fabrication and architecture of the installation, including to tackle all possible technical issues arise for outdoor exhibits. Also, filming and production, plus programming of media content of the virtual reality program is created by yU+co.[lab}. Supplement to the above, the [lab} also suggested employing water mist effect at the lawn of Art Square, as a supporting visual aids to the installations and the performance. During the live performance, we arranged a live broadcast of collaborating artist’s writing on the outdoor LED display at Art Square, which synchronize with the performer and the ambient as well.

Exhibition opens till 11th February, 2018.