11 December 17


“The Void. The Fulfilment. The Dream.” Multimedia Installation+Performance

Staged at Man Mo Temple, a Declared Monument in Hong Kong

“Lumieres Hong Kong” landed the city during 23-25 November, 2017 for the very first time. During the Festival, local and overseas artists were invited to create their own artworks cohered with lights, to embellish 16 significant landmarks of Hong Kong.

yU+co.[lab} is glad teamed up with one of the participating local artist Mr. Hung Keung and act as Creative Technologist for his work. This one-of-a-kind, multimedia artistic collaboration was showcased at a Grade I historic architecture: Man Mo Temple. Our mechanically engineered stage set, artistic lighting and smoke effect throughout the declared monument, perfectly married up with the artist’s own illustration’s projection, and the performance. Beyond a steady artwork, but a rare outdoor performance supported with various media was staged.