Invited by the Osage Gallery, we created a virtual art book to echo an exhibition of Mr. Shen Shaomin, a Chinese visual artist. This book can be flipped from both directions: flipping it from the right triggers an interactive exploration of Shaomin’s Bonsai series. By using a screw driver, user can trigger any of the six custom made ‘screw button' on the book to appreciate various video tracks. When flipping the book from the left, it will activate a build-in micro switch to launch a video of artist’s Tiananmen project underground explorations.

  • Client: Osage Gallery, Shen Shaomin (Visual Artist)
  • Venue: Hong Kong
  • Date: 2008
  • Tags: Arts, Interactive, Conceptual Design
Interactive Book for Shen Shaomin
Interactive Book for Shen Shaomin