A show suite of a residential project never needs to be stereotyped as a furnished show flat equipped with an architectural model. Poshly designed creative presentation works even more effective to catch the heart of the audience. yU+co.[lab} is appointed as the show suite’s Multimedia Content Designer, proved a cutting-edge approach falls on the right track: by cleverly using every space of the suite, an intensive six-channel projection system beams a 3D branding animation seamlessly on three consecutive surfaces, that is on the wall, an inclined platform and over the floor. Stunning panoramic visuals of landscape & the nature enhance the elaborations of flat type, transit network and neighborhood of the site.

  • Client: ParkLand Real Estate Development
  • Venue: Shenzhen, China
  • Date: 2012
  • Tags: Motion Graphics, Developer's Show Suite, Conceptual Design
'One Shenzhen Bay' Show Suite
'One Shenzhen Bay' Show Suite